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Tottenham to stage victory parade if they win the Champions League

Something something don’t drop the trophy

UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour presented by Heineken - Mexico City Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Should Tottenham Hotspur win the Champions League on Saturday, there will be a parade. Of course there will! It’s an absolutely huge deal, and there hasn’t been a victory parade in north London since Arsenal won the FA Cup in 2015.

A few days ago, the Standard revealed the plans for the victory parade, should one be necessary. The hypothetical parade will take place on June 2, one day after the final. Here are the details:

The parade is scheduled to depart the stadium at about 2.30pm, traveling via Northumberland Park, Willoughby Lane, Lansdowne Road and Tottenham High Road, finishing where the High Road meets Park Lane roughly an hour later before the players and staff present the trophy to fans gathered around a temporary stage.

Pre-planning the parade standard procedure, because you these things have to be organized, even if they’re ultimately not necessary — you can’t just improvise your way to a parade route. Hopefully the event will not only be necessary but won’t result in a player dropping the trophy off the top of the bus or cringingly referring to your closest domestic rival (who wasn’t even in the competition) as “shit.”