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WATCH: Steve Nash went NUTS after Lucas scored to send Spurs to Champions League final


Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty I

Tottenham Hotspur fans know this, but NBA Hall of Famer and superstar Steve Nash is a HUGE Spurs fan. This season he’s been working as a studio analyst for TNT, who picked up American broadcast rights for the Champions League for the first time.

That’s been a lot of fun for Tottenham fans as we finally have a soccer television pundit who is an unabashed homer when it comes to Spurs matches. We’ve seen Steve live and die and live again several times already during the Champions League campaign, but this one might just top them all.

Check it out.

The old man’s still got legs! Steve will have one final chance to put his heart into his throat and pull for Tottenham in the Champions League final on June 1 against Liverpool. And I’m willing to bet that wild horses couldn’t keep Steve in the studio — if he’s not in Madrid covering this live from the Wanda (along with Stu Holden and the rest of the crew), I’ll eat my hat.