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Harry Kane “hopeful” of Champions League final return

Kane hinted that he’s on pace to be back in time to face Liverpool on June 1.

Kieran Trippier, Kyle Walker-Peters and a fan.
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A lot of people were pretty darned excited with what happened on Wednesday night at the Johann Cruyff Stadium. But those people weren’t named Harry Kane.

Kane, who watched the match in the stands alongside Serge Aurier, scooted his injured butt out onto the field as soon as the match ended, showing a pretty delightful amount of speed and agility for someone whose ankle ligaments are probably more like cooked spaghetti by now.

When Kane went down injured in the first Champions League quarterfinal match against Manchester City, everyone assumed he was out for the entire rest of the season. “Ha ha,” people chortled, “maybe he’ll be back in time to play in the Champions League final.”

WELL, MAYBE HE WILL. Kane, who celebrated on the pitch for a long time with his teammates after the match ended, told the BBC that he’s “hopeful” that he can be back in time for June 1.

“Rehab is going well. I started straight line running this week and I have to start training even harder to prove myself to the gaffer.”

IDK Harry, I saw some pretty promising looking straight line running on the pitch after that final whistle blew! Sure, Harry’s being cagy about a return — nobody really expects that he’s going to say with any certainty whether he’s going to be ready — but who are we kidding, wild Sissokos couldn’t keep him off the field at the Wanda Metroplitano on June 1. He’s playing. It’s just a matter of whether he starts or is an impact sub.

Kane went on to say what this means to both him and to the entire club, and even hinted that he may have given a halftime speech when Spurs were down 2-0.

“I’m a fan first and foremost and I know how much it means to the club.

”It was a disappointing first half and we let them play. I went into the dressing room at half-time and we knew it [the performance] wasn’t good enough. We said we had 45 minutes to give everything.

”The lads dug deep and showed passion and that is all you can ask for. We had to wait to get the third in the last minute and we found a way. That’s what football is about and we have the final to come.”