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WATCH: here are some of the best Tottenham Champions League reaction videos

There are lots to choose from. Here are our favorites.

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Tottenham Hotspur’s 3-2 Champions League win over Ajax was one of the most dramatic moments in Tottenham’s long history — certainly the most significant one I can remember in my time as a Spurs fan.

This being the digital age of social media and instant video, naturally there have been numerous examples emerge on the internet of reactions to Lucas Moura’s third and decisive goal. And they’ve almost all been incredible.

Here are a few of the best ones, hand-picked by Dustin who absolutely has not been scouring Twitter and YouTube looking for these during his lunch hour, nope, no way.

The away crowd noise from within the stadium

Lucas Moura crying after hearing Brazilian TV’s commentary of his third goal

IDK about you but this might just top my usual favorite, which is Korean commentary of anytime Son Heung-Min scores.

The BT Sport studio crew (Gary Lineker, Rio Ferdinand & Glenn Hoddle)

This might be my favorite. Two Tottenham Old Boys in Lineker and Hoddle, but it’s Rio who has the best reaction, at one point pounding his mic on the table and shouting “FOOTBALL IS MAD!” Additional bonus points to Rio for checking in on Hoddle, who had a heart attack earlier this year, making sure that the excitement doesn’t cause him to just keel over. Absolute lads, the lot of them.

This guy in an Ajax bar in Amsterdam (NSWF language)

This guy. This effing GUY. It takes a whole lot of cojones to walk into an Ajax pub in Amsterdam and be the only guy in a Spurs shirt watching the game. It takes even more to watch that goal, keep his reactions as muted as possible, chug a beer, and then smash the glass on the ground. I hope he made it out of that pub alive.

Kansas City Spurs’ reaction caught on security camera

This is truly spectacular. Also the guy in the blue Kane kit who does a knee slide on cement and ends up flat on the ground celebrating? That’s our own Ryan Rosenblatt. Legend.

Columbus Spurs reaction

Another home pub of a Carty Free writer, this time Sean Cahill, who’s on a chair doing the surrender cobra right at the end. There are a couple of past and present Carty Free commenters in this video as well.

Inside the Chicago Atlantic Bar (home of Chicago Spurs)

This is the closest official Tottenham supporters’ club to my actual location and it’s still 3 hours away. Still, I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s a great place to watch a Spurs game. They may not know my face there, but I still consider the Atlantic to be my spiritual home pub.

This guy in his living room

This gentleman is me. This gentleman is you. This gentleman is all of us.

This other woman in her living room

She gets bonus points for not only being one of the few female Spurs celebration videos I could find, but also throwing down some sick Fortnite-esque dance moves

Ajax vs. Tottenham highlights recreated in LEGO

Well, this didn’t take long!

There are so, so many more that I couldn’t fit in or that I’m sure I don’t know about. Post your favorites in the comments.