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Report: Spurs not interested in Bruno Fernandes

It’s the Mail... but did any of us really believe this?

Scotland v Portugal - International Friendly Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Ah, transfer season. Deep down we love it because it’s all about hope and excitement and change, all things that appeal to core parts of the human psyche. Transfer season is great.

It’s also terrible. Due to the big-money nature of transfer signings and sales, it means that rumors fly over the stupidest things and the seeds of some rumors are often wrong, and sometimes even made up.

Tottenham Hotspur have been linked closely with Sporting Lisbon midfielder Bruno Fernandes over the past couple of weeks in the Portuguese media, with some reports even going as far as to say that negotiations were “very close” to being finalized for the 24-year old attacking midfielder. I wrote about it when the reports were new and expressed a certain amount of skepticism, mostly because it didn’t seem to fit with Spurs confirmed interest in Giovani Lo Celso and Tanguy Ndombele. Bruno himself even said that he’d be fine staying with Sporting next season.

WELL GUESS WHAT? A report in the Daily Mail (lol I know bear with me) says that Spurs have ruled out a move for Fernandes. Shocking, I know. Were Spurs even interested in the first place? Who knows! The English reports were based on the Portuguese reports, which didn’t even jibe with each other, much less with common sense. Spurs are not the only ones to “back out” of a move for Bruno, with Manchester City, Liverpool, and even Leicester apparently deciding not to bid for him. This, naturally, “opens a door” for Manchester United because of course it does.

And if you want another potentially iffy corroboration that Spurs aren’t interested, here’s a tweet from a Sky journalist that says he’s not on the list. Ignore the video, which is a non-informational report about Giovani Lo Celso that says literally nothing we don’t already know.

Bruno Fernandes is a pretty good player, and legit prolific from a scoring perspective last season for Sporting. That said, I don’t think the rumors of him coming to Tottenham were ever actually a thing and that Spurs were used (gasp!) as a stalking horse by Fernandes’ agents via the Portuguese media to gin up a potential Premier League move.

The Mail and Sky aren’t sources we normally use for transfer rumors, so skepticism is always warranted. Be vigilant, believe nothing. However, rumors that rule out interest I have an easier time believing. Bruno Fernandes might be playing football in England next season, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be with Tottenham.