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Tanguy Ndombele interested in move to “big club” Tottenham

Huddersfield Town v Olympique Lyonnais - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Ready to make your heart go pitter-pat, Tottenham Hotspur fans? We have direct quotes from Lyon midfielder Tanguy Ndombele that specifically reference a move to Spurs. The good news: he seems to really like the idea of moving to the Premier League in general and Tottenham in particular. The bad news? Don’t expect this transfer to be wrapped up for a little while yet.

“Tottenham are a great team, a big club. They finished fourth in their league and reached the Champions League final. They are a big club and what player would not be interested by a big club?”

Excuse me, but I’m still fanning myself after hearing one of the most desired midfielders in European football refer to Tottenham Hotspur as a “big club.”

We thought that making a deep run in the Champions League this season would open a few doors for Tottenham Hotspur and that’s been proven to be absolutely correct. What we don’t know yet is whether the players Spurs need to sign to move to the next level will actually walk THROUGH those open doors. Ndombele’s comments are lovely and exciting and oh my goodness.

But those comments come with a caveat: he’s not in a hurry. Now finished with his France national team commitments until September, Tanguy plans to take a vacation and then decide what he wants to do with his future.

“I will concentrate on what I have to do on the pitch, then I’ll go on holiday, rest my head and after that I’ll try to see what I can do.”

That seems at odds with the reports stating that Lyon wanted to finalize Ndombele’s future before the end of June. I suppose it also depends on how long a holiday Tanguy wants to take and whether he’s open to making a quick stop in London part of his travel plans over the next couple of weeks. And of course, the clubs need to come to an agreement over his transfer fee and wages. I’m still optimistic that Spurs can and will get this one over the line.