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Spurs’ Trippier a target for Juventus if they sell Joao Cancelo

According to the Times, Trips is the preferred replacement for Juve if Cancelo goes to City.

Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Most of the Kieran Trippier transfer news has involved a move to Italy, but with super strong links to Serie A club Napoli. However, there’s another club that is apparently in for Trips this summer, and it’s probably not the one you’d immediately think of. According to the Times of London, Juventus is planning to target Trippier if the expected transfer of Joao Cancelo to Manchester City goes through.

To be honest, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a Trippier-to-Juve link in the wilds of internet transfer rumors, but until now the rumors have appeared in such heady online locales as Calciomercato and other, shall we say, less than reliable Italian publications. That’s why we didn’t write about it at the time (we have standards, you know).

But the Times? Well, that’s a little different. It doesn’t mean it’s 100% happening, but they certainly represent a bit more of a step-up in feasibility from the red-top tabloids. The report states that Trippier, 28, would probably cost around £30m to sign from Tottenham Hotspur. And honestly, if you offered me £30m for Kieran Trippier right now I’d probably gnaw your arm off at the elbow to get to the cash.

We are living in a world where Juventus is going to hire Maurizio Sarri after a disastrous season at Chelsea and potentially sign 28-year old (until he’s 29) Kieran Trippier as a Cancelo replacement for £30m. What a time to be alive.