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Atletico deal for Joao Felix means one less suitor for Giovani Lo Celso

Atletico’s deal for Joao Felix is “imminent.” That’s good news for Tottenham Hotspur.

Portugal v Switzerland - UEFA Nations League Semi-Final Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Here’s a quick update that isn’t really about Tottenham Hotspur, but could have knock-on effects down the road. Atletico Madrid is one of the other big-name clubs that’s been interested in signing Real Betis midfielder Giovani Lo Celso. While Spurs are still considered to be in the pole position, Atletico are a club that can scrape together a pretty good kitty for transfers, especially if there’s a player that they really like. And Lo Celso appeared to be one of those players that they’ve been keeping an eye on.

However, there’s an update out of Spain that could change the calculus in Tottenham’s favor. According to MARCA (here reported by Sport Witness), it appears that Atletico are on the verge of having a huge bid accepted for Portuguese and Benfica striker Joao Felix.

Why is that important? Because €120m is a lot of money for any club, but especially for Atletico. And if they’re willing to spend that much money for Felix, it means that they’re likely not going to be able to afford an additional £80m to also sign Giovani Lo Celso. That’s good news for Tottenham because it reduces the potential suitors for Lo Celso by one.

I still think it’s pretty likely that Spurs are going to get GLC across the line this summer, though it almost certainly won’t be finalized until after the Copa America ends or Argentina are knocked out, whichever comes first. Still, Atletico clearing the way a bit will help ease the anxiety.