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Tuesday Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, June 18

Flying is fine, except when it isn’t

Netherlands v England - UEFA Nations League Semi-Final Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Good morning, everyone.

Last week I managed to get tickets to AEW’s All Out, a pay-per-view style wrestling show put on by the new federation. I was in Chicago last year for All In, and it was a blast.

What wasn’t a blast was the flight to Chicago. Given I live in Ohio, the flight isn’t more than an hour long. Flight attendants don’t even bother pulling their drink and snack cart out for the flight because it’s so short. Sure, I could make the 5.5 hour drive through Indianapolis and up the Chicago Skyway, but that means having to deal with Chicago traffic.

I don’t have much of a problem with flying. Airports bother me because I’m certain one of the circles of hell is nothing but an airport terminal and constantly going through TSA for all eternity. But this short flight was far and away the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced, and having to hop on a plane just three days later to fly back wasn’t exactly making me happy. By turbulence standards, it was categorized as somewhere between moderate and severe. I found this out by going to a website specifically forecasting turbulence and discovering there are five levels: Smooth, light, moderate, severe and extreme.

I have no desire to find out what extreme is, but I’m certain I came across a video on Monday depicting what it’s like. Take a look at this:

That is the biggest instance of NOPE I’ve ever seen with flights.

This got me down a rabbit hole on YouTube: What do the pilots look like when they’re experiencing turbulence? Turns out they’re about as bored as a couple of guys listening to an insurance seminar.

Flying is fine and all, but if I was sitting in that pilots seat watching the altimeter and display flashing like it was Christmas morning while the plane bounced around, I’d probably be freaking out and screaming. I’ll stick to working in IT.

Standard turbulence is something I anticipate, especially when I fly across the country. I’ve yet to leave North America so I have no idea what a flight across the Atlantic or Pacific is like. Maybe one day I’ll make the trek to London and find out.

And now the “news”...

Francesco Totti hits out at Roma hierarchy - The Guardian

Totti out here just casually setting every bridge in Rome on fire.

“My trophy cabinet is empty. I am desperate to win.” says James Maddison - The Guardian

Imagine if the Euro U-21s weren’t going on and he said this. Every pundit in England would be tripping over themselves predicting him going to bigger clu....wait, they already do that.

Queen Elizabeth joined by Queen Letizia and Queen Maxima for Garter Day Ceremony - The Times

I’ll be honest: I have no idea what Garter Day is. I came across this article and simply enjoyed the wardrobe chosen by all parties.

AMD says its Ryzen 3000 isn’t just cheaper - it’s better. - Ars Technica

AMD has carved a nice niche for itself, but Intel continues to be king and I’m not sure that’s going to change for awhile.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone!