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Trippier exit looks more likely after Tottenham officials cut short interview with media

These were not the words of a Tottenham player who is likely to sign a new deal.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

The season is over, so now it’s time to turn to transfer rumors and stories in earnest. And one of the current players tipped for departure is Kieran Trippier, who is coming off a season that he’d probably like to put firmly in the rear view mirror. He himself has admitted that this wasn’t the best season for him, with some injuries and a number of high-profile errors that saw him dropped from the England squad for this summer’s Nations League final.

Trips, who is 28 (until he’s 29), has been linked with a departure from north London, and has been strongly linked with both Napoli and Atletico Madrid. He gave a post-match interview after the Champions League final that didn’t exactly give a lot of hope that he’ll be staying around past this summer.

Those are not the words of a player who is optimistic about his Tottenham future and is ready to kick on for the next season. An off-camera Spurs official even went so far as to ask the interviewer to stop asking questions about Kieran’s future, which is a pretty huge tell if you ask me.

Obviously, Trippier was hugely disappointed after losing the Champions League final and some of that is certainly coming through in his choice of words, but if you’re happy at the club and are asked about your future you can certainly give more of a positive non-answer than what Trips just said there.

It’s not a definitive statement about anything, but it will certainly add more fuel to the fire that Trips’ time at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is likely coming to an end.