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Tottenham willing to sell Kieran Trippier to Juventus for £25m

It sure does appear that Trips’ most likely destination is Italy.

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No news yet on major incoming transfers at Tottenham Hotspur but you might want to start bracing yourselves for a potential outgoing one. Matt Law, writing in the Telegraph, says that Spurs are anticipating a bid for Kieran Trippier from Italian champions Juventus, and that Tottenham could sell him for as low as £25m.

From a price standpoint, that’s pretty good for a player that Spurs bought from Burnley for £4.4m four years ago. And it might even be a little undervalued — Tottenham were previously reported as wanting to get £30m for the Bury Beckham.

There’s no official bid yet, just a report that Spurs are “bracing for” Juventus to come in for him. But there’s been smoke in the air surrounding Trips for a while now, so I totally believe this could be a thing. I’m just a bit surprised that it’s Juventus — they apparently see Trippier as a worthy replacement for Joao Cancelo, who looks likely to head to Manchester City, but for a while it seemed Napoli was the club most interested.

Truthfully, Juventus would be a very good landing place for Trippier. While he had shown to struggle with the pace of Premier League attackers, Serie A is a bit slower, and Trips can undoubtedly put a good cross in from the flanks. At Juventus he’d land on a team that goes pretty deep in the Champions League and competes for league titles every season. Plus he’d have some guy named “Cristiano Ronaldo” to aim at. Not too shabby.

Still not a done deal and a lot can happen, but this is a totally plausible rumor that we’ll be keeping an eye on.