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Marry Kane: Harry gets hitched in beach-side ceremony


Investitures at Buckingham Palace Photo by Victoria Jones WPA Pool/Getty Images

Harry got hitched! Harry Kane posted on Twitter today, announcing that he — finally! — tied the knot with his long-time fiancee and childhood sweetheart Kate Goodland. The two have been sweethearts since primary school, got engaged in the summer of 2017 and have two adorable kids together.

Cartilage Free Captain is not Entertainment Weekly, but it’s Harry Kane and it’s fun to see two people who obviously love each other deeply be happy. This is probably the first real opportunity for Harry and Kate to tie the knot, as it’s the first summer since probably 2016 where Kane hasn’t been involved in a major international tournament of some kind.

The happy couple didn’t share where they had the ceremony, but it’s obviously somewhere tropical; they got engaged in the Bahamas. I can’t understand how, with Harry and Kate basically Tottenham’s king and queen, why this ceremony wasn’t covered exactly like the royal wedding.

I don’t know what Harry and Kate’s vows were, but if they didn’t include the words “totally buzzing” I’ll be very sad.

Congratulations to Harry and Kate! And some advice for Harry from someone who has done it: consider hyphenation. Harry Goodland-Kane has a nice ring to it.