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Kieran Trippier unsure about Tottenham future, wants to stay in England

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

We have already talked a lot about the rampant speculation linking Kieran Trippier away from Tottenham Hotspur next season. He’s been strongly linked to Napoli and also with Atletico Madrid and it seems as though Mauricio Pochettino wants to revamp the right back position at Spurs going forward.

Dan Kilpatrick at the Evening Standard managed to get an interview with Trippier, who said he’s not sure whether he’ll be in North London next season or not, but would like to stay in England if he’s not a member of Spurs going forward.

“I want to stay in England, but what can you do? I’ll see what happens, and what the club wants, most importantly.

”I give everything for this club in training sessions, games. I don’t know [if I will be at Spurs next season]. I’ll go home now, spend time with my family and just recover after a long, difficult season.

“Everybody’s got a decision to make. Obviously, this club has been very good for me over the last few years, but I’ll enjoy my summer, come back in pre-season and that’s when I’ll sit down with the manager and have a talk about my future. I see a lot of speculation about me not being here.”

The links to Italy and Spain always did seem a little odd. It seems as though English footballers tend to go abroad to play less often than players from other countries go to England. And you can see the appeal of wanting to stay in England — with Trippier heading towards the end of his playing career, it would be difficult to learn a new language and footballing culture. That said, Italy in particular seems like a league where Trippier could do very well, and Napoli is a consistent Champions League qualifier. It would be a good club for him to go.

Whether or not Mauricio Pochettino and Daniel Levy intend to sell Trips or not, it sure does seem like he’s starting to see the writing on the wall. I hope whatever happens all parties can find an equitable solution.