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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Wednesday, July 10

Preseason arrivals: a fashion breakdown

Totenham Hotspur Pre-Season Training Session Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Hello, all!

After more than a month of using pictures from the Champions League final, I have pictures from preseason training to use! I actually never did run out of pictures from that final, but it’s not like that matters.

Ramble of the Day

The Tottenham first team is back at work, which means there was a video posted on the club’s Twitter showing a bunch of players arriving for duty. Like I did last year, I will once again go through their outfits and drop some opinions.

The following are screenshots from said Twitter video.

First one out of the gate (or in the video, whatever) is Eric Dier. You can’t tell from the photo, but he showed up in a pair of black track pants with his gray sweater. He’s not going to get any points for being innovative, but he doesn’t have to be. It’s a respectable and seemingly comfortable look that suits him well, even if the sweater’s a touch on the baggy side.

Next up is Kyle Walker-Peters, who is sporting a black Heron Preston t-shirt and a coordinating black baseball cap. It’s another chill look, and he obviously wears an easy to wear look well. It’s insignificant, but it doesn’t have to be anything else.

Argentines Érik Lamela and Paulo Gazzaniga arrived together sporting similar uniforms. Lamela’s black t-shirt is by Balenciaga, and he grouped it with a necklace, which I appreciate greatly, and a pair of ripped jorts, which I do not appreciate at all. For him, though, this is definitely a more relaxed look; he can really put on some creative things when going for it.

Gazzaniga styled his t-shirt similarly to Walker-Peters, going with a baseball cap. He also went with a pair of shorts that I sometimes think is green and other times think it’s brown. (I would prefer green.) I’m interested in his bag, though couldn’t get a good look at it in the video.

Ben Davies showed up matching Dier, and though this is all we end up seeing of Davies’s look, I’ll rule that he wore it better. For me, it’s down to the fit of the sweater, though I hate to penalize Dier as he was publicly shared his struggles finding clothes that fit him. I don’t have the proof right now, but I’m pretty sure Davies has shown up in this outfit before in a preseason training video.

Instead of a black t-shirt, Lucas Moura opted for a white one with a maroon pair of track pants. It looks extremely like a “I have the day off and barely plan on leaving my home” outfit, and though I’d like to encourage a little bit more effort, I also feel bad doing it so I’ll leave it here.

I didn’t expect to say it, but I think Kieran Trippier is the best dressed of the bunch. He hit the style sweet spot of low-key but polished perfectly — that red collar makes the perfect statement to a nice ensemble. I’m very interested in getting a better look at his bag, and I have a feeling it makes the outfit better.

Finally, there’s Harry Winks, who I must say looks like a man twenty years his senior at a golf event. He doesn’t necessarily look older than he is, I just have a very specific image of who would wear this, and it’s also fine that he’s wearing this. I will always question wearing a thick looking shirt/sweater/jacket/pullover (I don’t know what it is) with a pair of shorts; the look feels unbalanced. This is also definitely a coincidence, but the way he’s flashing his watch makes it look like an advertisement.

tl;dr: Tottenham players are back, and they’re wearing their normal clothes.

Links of the Day

Arsenal has hired Edu as the team’s technical director after a spell as Brazil’s general coordinator.

Daniel Sturridge’s dog was kidnapped from his home in Los Angeles.

David Squires sounds off on the women’s World Cup final in his latest cartoon.

Transfer updates: Burnley has signed Jay Rodriguez from West Brom; Fortuna Düsseldorf has signed Zack Steffen on a season-long loan from Manchester City

Today’s longer read: Nick Ames on Madagascar, a first time participant at the Africa Cup of Nations and a surprise quarterfinalist, for ESPN