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DiMarzio: Llorente wanted by Fiorentina

The kinda-sorta-released Tottenham striker could head to Italy, if he doesn’t stay at Spurs.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Ah, the Curious Case of the Kinda-Released Llorente. You might have think that Fernando heard the drums calling from some foreign land and has already departed Tottenham Hotspur for other climes. But that’s not entirely true. While Nando’s name was included on the Premier League’s Retained/Released list for all league clubs, he was NOT included on the list when Spurs made public who they were letting go earlier this summer.

He’s technically out of contract, which means that he can look for and sign with whatever club he wants to now, and according to Gianluca DiMarzio, there’s at least one Italian club interested. Fiorentina has apparently been in touch with Llorente’s people, which would mark his second stint in Serie A in his career.

However, there’s still the off chance, if he doesn’t find a club, that Spurs could re-sign him for a one year contract on probably significantly lower wages. That’s why Spurs haven’t made a public statement about his release — there’s still a small possibility that Nando’s drums could be beating at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for another season.

I kind of doubt that’ll actually happen, but you never know. Fiorentina would be a step down from the Champions League finalists — they finished 16th in the league last season so they could probably use the help, but Llorente would probably be in line for more minutes than what he’d get at Spurs.