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Harry Kane officially getting Hot Guy Summer underway

Swole Harry Kane is an essential part of this complete breakfast.

Tottenham Hotspur, and by “Tottenham Hotspur” I mean “Harry Kane,” is looking pretty good these days. The team, by which I mean Kane, is training in Singapore ahead of this weekend’s International Champions Cup friendly against Juventus and the club posted some training pictures as they trained in what sure looked like some sweltering, humid Singaporean weather.

We expected some training pics today. I don’t think anyone expected a freakin’ gun show.

Oh. My.

This is Harry Kane in what looks like the best shape of his life. Look at those abs! Look at those arms! Holy Mother of Ivy!

Remember last spring when Kane was photographed in the tunnel after a Champions League match and he was looking more “Thirty-Something Dad” than “Peak Gareth Bale”? Sure you do. Here’s that photo again as a reminder. It turns out googling “dad bod harry kane” gets you to this photo very quickly.

Speaking as the proud owner of a dad bod, I don’t bring this up as a pejorative. I’m a 43-year old father and soccer blogger — I know what a dad bod is. Keep in mind Kane’s partner had just given birth to his second child in August and anyone who’s been a parent knows what those first nine months are like with a baby. Turns out having a young family, little rest, and multiple ankle injuries isn’t the best for cultivating chiseled abs and rock-hard guns. The lighting doesn’t help either. He’s forgiven for ending the season a little... Janssen-esque.

Just look what a summer of rest can do. Kane has never been a guy you normally look at and call a thirst trap, so this feels like something new. Look at that photo again. Better yet, look at some DIFFERENT photos.

Damn. Harry Kane plays the game of soccer. He is a gamer. He should be selling his bath water for all those thirsty Spurs fans.

His six pack is sporting a six pack. His thighs could crush small compact cars. This is a Harry Kane that looks fit, rested, and ready to kick some serious ass this season. The dude is ripped. He’s looking like a whole snack in that sleeveless shirt. He’s bringing the SUMMER to preseason summer training. Eat your heart out, Cristiano.