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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, July 23

Who doesn’t like a map (about food)?

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International Champions Cup football 2019: Juventus vs Tottenham Photo by Adli Ghazali/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Hi, everyone!

In case you wanted to know: Netflix has the U.S. only video on demand rights to this year’s Eurovision semifinals and final. Might be promotion for the upcoming Will Ferrell movie (which I’m nervous about).

Ramble of the Day

Maps are quite fun, especially when they provide unexpected information. I’ll preface this by saying these are based on the results of people being matched on a dating app based on the things they dislike, but here’s a map of what foods these people like the least:

Just like these people, I have opinions about food. It should also come as no surprise that I have opinions about their opinions about food, which I will now present in bulletpoint form.

(Updated to include both states and food in each comment.)

  • States I agree with: Vermont (spray cheese), Florida (licorice), Ohio (pesto), Wisconsin (lunchables), Illinois (biting string cheese), Louisiana (cookies with raisins), Montana (pumpkin spice anything), Washington (Keurig k-cups), California (Chick-fil-A), Hawaii (coke)
  • If Massachusetts doesn’t like mayonnaise on fries, do I not like Massachusetts?
  • How common is it to drink gas station wine in New Jersey if multiple people in New Jersey dislike it?
  • I bet the people in Kentucky that don’t like hummus have never had good hummus. (Mediocre hummus is extremely unenjoyable.)
  • Does Alabama not like Chipotle, the restaurant? That’s fine, I’m just wondering.
  • Shame on Mississippi (sour cream), New Mexico (chicken nuggets), and Nebraska (chili peppers).
  • Minnesota just hates all beans?
  • I haven’t had a hot dog in many years. Is there something different about the final bite that I should know about to understand Missouri's dislike of it?
  • North Dakota…dislikes tapas? All of them, or the concept? (It’s a good concept; they should like it.)
  • Voss water is an extremely specific thing for Alaskans to dislike, and I wonder if there’s a story behind that.

tl;dr: Food takes!

Links of the Day

The Clark County district attorney has decided not to press charges against Cristiano Ronaldo after a woman accused him of raping her ten years ago.

Sheffield Wednesday has reported Newcastle United to the Premier League, claiming there were outstanding legal matters when Newcastle announced the hiring of Steve Bruce.

Brazil has fired Vadão after a Round of 16 exit at the World Cup, ending his second stint in charge of the women’s national team.

Transfer updates: RB Leipzig has signed Ethan Ampadu on a season-long loan from Chelsea

Today’s longer read: David Cronin on South African township Khayelitsha and the legacy the 2010 World Cup was supposed to have for the BBC