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Report: Spurs playing the long game in Lo Celso pursuit after convincing the player to come

The latest out of Spain suggests Spurs are refusing to offer more than €50m for the Betis midfielder... for now.

Qatar v Argentina: Group B - Copa America Brazil 2019 Photo by Lucas Uebel/Getty Images

Time marches on and after more hopeful updates earlier in the week we’re still stuck in limbo regarding Giovani Lo Celso’s transfer from Real Betis to Tottenham Hotspur. The latest update from Spain comes from Diario de Sevilla, and suggests that after Betis signed Nabil Fekir, pretty clearly Lo Celso’s direct replacement, Spurs are turning the screws and are now refusing to offer more than €50m for the Argentine midfielder.

Betis are holding firm on their €75m valuation, mostly because 20% of any transfer fee automatically goes to Paris Saint-Germain, Lo Celso’s previous club, and they want to maximize their profit. And that makes sense! But Spurs are still the only club with serious interest in Lo Celso, and Levy appears to be playing hardball now with the fee. Diario de Sevilla notes that earlier in the window Spurs were prepared to offer closer to €60m, but now think they have Betis somewhat over a barrel and are willing to wait them out to get a better deal.

It’s also worth noting, again, that all indications say Lo Celso is desperate to join Spurs and work with Mauricio Pochettino. ABC de Sevilla is reporting Spurs have agreed personal terms with Lo Celso, offering him a “succulent” deal that triples his existing wages. The fact that Christian Eriksen is currently looking less likely to leave might also make Spurs a little less likely to want to shell out the big bucks to come closer to Betis’ asking price.

We know that Daniel Levy is good at his job. We know that he will get the best possible deal for Lo Celso when all is said and done. I still think this transfer happens, and GLC will be lining up for Spurs next season, but I have no idea when. I’m still willing to trust Levy’s instincts on this.