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Jack Roles Slack LOLs

This is Jack. He has roles. These are some of them from the Carty Free Slack room.

Juventus v Tottenham Hotspur - 2019 International Champions Cup Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images
  • Jack Roles is a prolific scorer for Tottenham Hotspur at the U23 level. Jack Roles scores goals.
  • Did you know he’s a Carty Free moderator who never posts? Jack Roles smacks trolls.
  • Jack sings and plays bass in a death metal band called Jack Roles and the Black Souls.
  • Jack’s favorite fruit is pineapple. Jack Roles snacks on Dole.
  • He also hates small burrowing creatures — Jack Roles thwacks voles.
  • Did you know Jack likes to walk around barefoot? Jack Roles lacks soles.
  • In his early days as a spearfisherman, you’d often see Jack Roles attack shoals.
  • A big fan of Netflix’s Big Mouth, Jack Roles backs Krolls.
  • It’s a shame he wasn’t around in the early 2000s, as we’d love to have watched Jack Roles track Scholes.
  • Jack has an off-season job with the Pinkertons as a strike breaker. Jack Roles whacks proles.
  • Unfortunately, his dental situation isn’t great — you should see Jack Roles’ plaque holes.
  • When putting away dishes, Jack Roles stacks bowls.
  • Did you know he flew in WWII with one Captain Scotty Parker? When he flew in the war you always recognized his plane from Jack Roles’ flack holes.
  • He also wears fur to impress the ladies. They’re known as Jack Roles’ mack stoles.
  • I heard he was training as a lumberjack; Jack Roles hacks boles.
  • We’re not really a fan of his new gas drilling company — Jack Roles Frack Holes.
  • Unfortunately, he had to fire one of his workers originally from Krakow. Jack Roles sacks Poles.
  • Not a fan of his political team either — Jack Roles’ Flack Polls.
  • But you should see his conspiracy string board: Jack Roles’ tack holes.
  • Jack’s running a hilltop monkey sanctuary called Jack Roles Macaque Knolls.
  • Jack’s a pretty big Florida State football fan and watches every game. Jack Roles tracks the ‘Noles.
  • One time, Jack got stranded in the Himalayas and had to keep warm by burning Jack Roles yak coals.
  • Did you know Jack owns a whale breeding operation? Jack Roles tracks blowholes.
  • He takes walks with the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback. He calls them Jack Roles Dak strolls.
  • I remember when he announced he was investing in a chain of department stores. Jack Roles backs Kohls.
  • The whole squad loves eating breakfast at his restaurant Jack Roles’ Flapjack Bowl.
  • He’s been marketing a non-FDA approved Lyme Disease treatment based on transplanting very small blood vessels -- Jack Roles quack arterioles.

Put your own Jack roles in the comments.