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Tottenham Hotspur and Real Betis reportedly agree to transfer for Giovani Lo Celso


Real Betis Balompie v Valencia CF - La Liga Photo by Aitor Alcalde Colomer/Getty Images

The Giovani Lo Celso saga is near an end, and it looks like Tottenham Hotspur are going to get their man.

Mateo González of ABC Seville, the journalist and outlet that has been covering this entire story from the beginning, is saying that the only thing left is to iron out the final details in a series of tweets and pieces over the course of the last couple of hours. The first article stated that the updated bid of reportedly €60m by Spurs was good enough to get Betis to the table and work out the finer details, including add-ons.

El Real Betis y el Tottenham están muy cerca de sellar un acuerdo para el traspaso de Giovani Lo Celso al club inglés. Las cantidades aún no han trascendido pero la operación debe superar entre fijos y variables los 60 millones de euros. El argentino, que llegó a Heliópolis procedente del París Saint-Germain por 25 millones, ha estado una temporada en el club bético y las partes esperan cerrar de manera definitiva el trato antes de que finalice el plazo del mercado de fichajes en la Premier League mañana por la tarde.

This has always been the big hang-up with this deal. Betis wanted to get as close to €75m as they could but nobody other than Tottenham came calling for the Argentine. Daniel Levy has submitted three official offers over the course of the story. It looks as though third time is the charm as Betis have finally caved and accepted their fate. González followed up his story with the standard “they’re so close!” tweet:

We’ve seen this a thousand times before, but not long after this tweet came news that the deal was close enough to being finalized that Lo Celso was being held out of tonight’s match with Las Palmas:

Which morphed into this:

The tweet’s a little weird, but this circles back to the first article: Basically Spurs upped the offer to €60m + add-ons and Lo Celso finally made his request to move. Betis finally caved and the deal is being finalized.

Levy probably had to sweeten the pot with a bit more cash up front as well as the base fee, but the bottom line of this story seemed to never change: Betis spent the money ahead of time to get their replacement players in and needed to cash in. Amidst reports of Atletico Madrid, Napoli and even Bayern Munich inquiring, none of that reporting seemed to have any real meat to it. As with most rumors, it was all speculation and conjecture.

A deal has reportedly been in place between Spurs and Lo Celso for some time now, which means all that’s left is for the Argentine to fly to London and complete a medical.

If there was ever a “don’t move” moment, this is it.