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There is a private jet flying from Seville to London, and it might be Giovani Lo Celso

Look boss, the plane!

Brazil v Argentina: Semi Final - Copa America Brazil 2019 Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images

Just minutes ago, David Ornstein of the BBC confirmed what we had suspected a while ago: Tottenham Hotspur and Real Betis have come to an agreement for the transfer of Giovani Lo Celso to Spurs.

But there’s more — as all this was going on, a private jet took off from Seville and started flying north. Naturally, eagle-eyed Tottenham flight trackers were all OVER this shit.

We have been following along with this plane as it passed through Spain, over France, across the Channel, and is now getting ready to land at London. And the excitement is building.

Do we know for SURE that this is Giovani Lo Celso flying into London Heathrow or Stanstead to schedule a medical and eventual signing with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club?


Do we care and are our eyes glued to the flight tracker software and twitter as this plane-shaped blob heads closer to England?




EDIT #2: New (potentially sad) theory: it might not be Lo Celso, it might be Victor Camarasa, whom Crystal Palace is getting from Betis on loan.


EDIT #3: Sky Sports just said on TV that Lo Celso is expected to fly into London tomorrow. That’s sad. Maybe they’re wrong. SO WHO IS ON THAT PLANE???? WE MUST KNOW NOW.