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Troy Parrott just can’t stop scoring for Ireland U21s

Spurs’ young star-in-waiting scored another two against Sweden.

Republic of Ireland v Armenia - UEFA European U21 Championship Qualifier Group 1 Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Hello, friends. Have you heard about our Lord and Savior Troy Parrott? Tottenham Hotspur’s teenage striker and wunderkind is back at it again, scoring a brace for Ireland’s U21s in a 3-1 win over Sweden today.

Parrott has played exactly two matches at the U21 level (impressive considering he’s only 17) and has now scored three goals in that span. Yeah, the kid’s pretty good.

The highlights we found aren’t the greatest and are from a long distance but they’re still required viewing if you are to find a seat on the Troy Parrott hype train. Here’s the first.

This goal leveled the score at 1-1 and is notable because it looks like he didn’t exactly hit the ball especially well. But if you liked that one, you’ll REALLY like Troy’s second, which came on a breakaway counterattack.

This is so good. He gets into a good position with the ball on the counter and pulls up, but when he loses the ball and looks like he might be in a bit of trouble, instead of looking to pass to a marginally open teammate HE CHIPS THE GOL-DANG KEEPER INTO THE BACK OF THE NET ZOMG

I love this kid. He’s amazing. Let’s play him against Crystal Palace this weekend, and no I’m not at all kidding.