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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Friday, September 20

A fridge full of ice cream

Olympiacos FC v Tottenham Hotspur: Group B - UEFA Champions League Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Hello, everyone!

While I type this Hoddle, I’m playing with a stress ball that’s supposed to be a miniature globe. Europe is nowhere to be found, and South America is much larger than expected.

Ramble of the Day

The world of sponsorships never ceases to entertain me, especially when it comes to the type of people any company would love to have endorsing their products. Lionel Messi is the most classic example of a marketable famous person, and he’s sharing his (free) ice cream tastes.

Messi enjoys many of life’s luxuries, and that apparently includes a fridge dedicated to Häagen-Dazs ice cream. I hope there are some vegan options, since Messi eats vegan during the season, but I also hope he has some of the mango and raspberry sorbet I had when I was in Spain last year. I really wish they had some in the States, because it was delightful. (I don’t believe it’s vegan, but maybe someone else in his home might want some.)

I do wonder if this fridge was a one-time deal of sorts, or comes with free refills. If Messi and family happily finish their supply, does someone reach out to a person at Häagen-Dazs to restock, or is that it? There are no bad options here, of course; you end up with a lot of ice cream regardless, and what appears to be a decent mini fridge.

I wonder what Messi might think his greatest perk is as the superstar of the world’s most popular sport, but having an ice cream fridge must be a contender. Then again, I don’t know his life (or follow him on Instagram, so it’s not like I’m familiar with his other perks).

tl;dr: Lionel Messi has a fridge of ice cream.

Links of the Day

Former Burton Albion defender Kelvin Maynard was shot dead in Amsterdam.

Former Newcastle forward Peter Beardsley has been handed an eight month ban from the sport after racially abusing black players.

Dimitar Berbatov has retired after a 21 year career.

Today’s longer read: Suzanne Wrack on the lack of comprehensive medical care for female footballers in England for The Guardian