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Lo Celso suffers groin injury with Argentina, but says it’s “nothing to worry about”


AFP/Getty Images

Hey, want another reason to hate the international break? Here’s one! New Tottenham Hotspur signing Giovani Lo Celso was substituted during Argentina’s 0-0 draw against Chile last night in the 53rd minute with what appeared to be a groin injury.


*forced rictus smile*

However, if you want good news, the player himself said that it wasn’t that big of a deal, and played down the injury as “only a blow.”

The Tottenham optimist in me is nodding and saying “OK, that doesn’t sound so bad, just don’t play him again and he should be fine for Crystal Palace next weekend.” The Tottenham fatalist in me has set his pants on fire and is screaming SEE YOU IN THREE MONTHS GIO ARGHEILJFALSKDEQJSALKJHFOIQOSIDN

Truthfully, we just don’t know yet. Lo Celso makes it sound like the substitution was mostly precautionary, but we may know more when Argentina hosts Mexico in four days on September 10.