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Giovani Lo Celso withdraws from Argentina squad, returns to England with groin injury

That doesn’t sound great!

Argentina v Venezuela: Quarterfinal - Copa America Brazil 2019 Photo by Gustavo Ortiz/Jam Media/Getty Images

Ban international football. A couple days after Giovani Lo Celso was substituted early in the second half of a friendly match between Argentina and Chile due to what he called a “blow to the groin,” the newly-signed Tottenham Hotspur midfielder is now withdrawing from the Argentina squad.

Argentine newspaper Conclusión is reporting that Lo Celso is returning to England to recuperate and will not take part in Argentina’s second friendly match against Mexico on Tuesday, September 10. The article states that Lo Celso is feeling “pain in the left inguinal area” and will recuperate under the tender ministrations of the Tottenham Hotspur medical staff.

This is the kind of story that is really a Rorschach test for Tottenham fandom. Either this is a GOOD thing because it means that a second stupid friendly match is not worth risking Gio over and that he’ll probably be fine for Crystal Palace with a little rest and TLC, or it’s evidence that he’s seriously injured and welp we’ve got another new signing out for the next few weeks.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Gio was pretty clear that the injury was “nothing to worry about” but there’s probably some soreness there. My guess is that he’ll be out for Crystal Palace, and might be back in time for Spurs’ trip to Greece to play Olympiacos in the Champions League the following midweek.

Or, y’know, he could require hernia surgery and will be out for three months or more. We just don’t know! Isn’t speculation fun?

So shove those feelings deep down inside you and tuck ‘em away in your keepsake box. Put on that happy smile and let’s just wait for news, ok?