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Athletic: Tottenham hesitant to meet Milan’s Piatek transfer fee demands

Time to rein in the rumor mill a bit.

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AC Milan v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Cottini/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Twelve hours ago, the internet was buzzing with reports that Tottenham Hotspur had made offers to AC Milan for the purchase and/or loan of Polish striker Krzysztof Piatek. There were even breathless reports (from, uh, dubious initial sources) that a fee had even been agreed for the striker in the area of £21m.

Nope. It’s not happening now, and may not happen unless Milan decides to come down from their valuation of Piatek. According to the Athletic (£), Milan wants to break even on the amount they paid for Piatek a year ago, and as of now Tottenham aren’t willing to spend that much money in January.

Milan are looking to recoup the £30 million they paid for Piatek last January, which could price Spurs out of a deal – despite the clamour for the club to bring in a striker in the absence of Harry Kane.

Spurs are one of a number of clubs currently looking at Piatek, but the indications are that a deal will not happen unless Milan lower their valuation.

— The Athletic

It makes sense. The last time Spurs spent anywhere close to that amount of money in January was the £24m they paid to land Lucas Moura, and that was a deal they felt they couldn’t turn down at the time. Overpaying to land what would essentially be a long-term back up to Harry Kane doesn’t feel like very smart business sense, especially for a striker that has statistically been underachieving at a struggling Milan side this season. It’s highly likely he’s closer to the 30 goals he scored in 2018-19 than the four goals he has scored this season, but it’s still a risk.

There’s also a perfectly reasonable argument to make that, even with Kane injured, striker is the least of Tottenham’s problems at the moment. Much more pressing would be another DM, or a right back to challenge/supplant Serge Aurier. But the silly season is called that for a reason — this might still be a thing and Milan could blink before the close of the window, but don’t expect an announcement anytime soon.