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Beta test a new Community Player Rating system!

Google doesn’t cut it. But maybe this will!

Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Hi, Carty Free fam.

One of the biggest criticisms (and by that I mean “helpful suggestions for improvement”) since we re-launched the Community Player Ratings is that the Google Forms we use to rate players from 0-10 doesn’t match up well to the beloved 5 4 star system we use for our themed player ratings.

Why doesn’t it? Well, because Google doesn’t give us a granular enough rating system where we can make something that is a close approximation. And so you get 3.5 stars from the masthead, and a rating of 5.9 from the commentariat, and those things don’t really track cognitively

I was asked about this again in the comments of today’s (totally correct) pizza chain ratings, and while I answered the comment with the above explanation, afterwards I had a sudden brainstorm: I have access to a Qualtrics account. And more than that, Qualtrics has the ability to do finely tuned star ratings!

So since it’s slow and it’s a Monday, I’d like your help to beta test a new survey format. Here are the players that featured on Saturday against Watford, and Jose Mourinho. Rate the players from 1-5 stars, using a half-star system. If a player doesn’t deserve a rating due to not enough minutes played, leave them blank.

The criteria you use is up to you, and feel free to use 1 stars, even though the masthead doesn’t. We may use this going forward. We may not! You won’t see the results of this survey, anyway — it’s a means of me to test out the system, see if there are any bugs or concerns that need to be ironed out before using it on the site going forward.

If you have your ad blocker on, or if you’re viewing this on AMP, you may not see the survey. If that’s the case, here’s a direct link to the survey. (Also, consider disabling or scaling down your adblock — Menno needs a new pair of shoes.)

And please, if you have feedback, notice something weird, or just want to tell me how smart I am (thanks!), you can do so in the comments.