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Bergwijn denies refusal to play for PSV in Instagram post

The man speaks.

PSV v PEC Zwolle - Dutch Eredivisie Photo by Photo Prestige/Soccrates/Getty Images

There’s another twist in the Steven Bergwijn to Tottenham Hotspur story, and it’s only been a few hours. Filmed from what looks like a hotel room, Bergwijn posted a video on Instagram where he denied refusing to play for PSV to force a transfer to Spurs, and appeared hurt by the media accusations coming out of the Netherlands surrounding his situation.

The video is entirely in Dutch, but there’s what appears to be a direct translation on Reddit, courtesy of r/coys.

Good evening PSV fans.

Now there is a whole lot written about me, which I have also read myself.

I am really disappointed that it has come to this, there is no truth to it [what media writes].

I have never refused to play for PSV, and would never do that.

I am a guy [lad] of the club, have been there since young, PSV is in my heart.

I have never refused to play for PSV, as you can see the media spins everything.

I have indeed called the trainer, Ernest, this morning, and said that things are going on [talks with Spurs], and he gave me permission.

We had a good chat, and wished me luck, everything went respectfully and according to plan.

It is a shame, that I am now being painted as a “snake”, which is absolutely not the case.

Again PSV is in my heart, I have done everything openly [transfer talk] and according to the plan, how it is supposed to go.

I haven’t done anything in haste [alluding that the transfer wasn’t out the blue].

Again I have never refused to play for PSV.


The fact that he’s in a hotel room hints strongly that he is in fact in London somewhere, and if you watch the video fully he appears emotional that he’s being painted in such a light. Obviously there’s going to be much more to come on this, but it certainly didn’t take long for Bergwijn to speak publicly.

As of the time of this article’s posting, there has not been an agreement between Tottenham and PSV for his transfer, with some (speculative) reports from Dutch sources suggesting that PSV could drop all negotiations with Spurs over the rumors of Bergwijn traveling to London without permission. Reports are that Bergwijn and Spurs are nearing an agreement for personal terms, but we don’t know much beyond that.