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Christian Eriksen arrives in Milan for Inter medical

It’s gonna happen, early this week.

Tottenham Hotspur v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

He has arrived. Christian Eriksen has landed in Italy for his medical ahead of his planned €20m transfer to Serie A side Internazionale, and based on the stuff we’re seeing already on social media he’s already getting the star treatment in Milan.

Of course, crowds of excited fans are par for the course whenever a big club makes a big signing, and this would certainly qualify as a big signing for Inter fans. It’s an interesting video as it shows the level of excitement that surrounds Eriksen’s arrival in Milan, after a transfer saga that felt like it took an absolute age to complete.

That same journalist, Alessandro Rimi, also posted a picture of Eriksen at his hotel (Italy’s Olympic training center?) giving the double-thumbs-up to his new legion of adoring Italian fans.

I don’t know about anyone else, but watching this video and seeing this image actually sent a stab of emotion through me. Like, I know that he’s been mentally gone for a long time, but seeing him in Milan ready to sign for his new club makes me... well, it makes me sad. And grateful, for everything he’s done for Tottenham over the past seven years. I’m just sorry that things are ending the way they are.