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Spurs working on deal to send Wanyama to Amiens and no, this isn’t happening either


Eliud Kipchoge and Victor Wanyama Support the London Marathon ‘Daily Mile’ Initiative Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

A wild Victor Wanyama rumor appears! It’s (not) super effective. France Football is now out with a short report (via Get France Football News) suggesting Spurs are trying to foist Victor Wanyama off to Amiens in Ligue 1.

So I get that this is probably just a wording thing by someone for whom English probably isn’t a first language but the way this tweet is written makes it sound like this deal is happening whether Amiens wants it to or not. “Maybe if we drop him off during a training session then no one will notice.”

Another writer in the Carty Free chat suggested we just leave him at the front gate with a note pinned to his shirt reading €5M COD.

I’m being glib and unfair to Vic who has been a solid professional and a prime teammate, but yo, this move isn’t happening either because I can’t really believe that Amiens can afford anything close to his wages. Vic is supposedly on £65k/week at Spurs and wants at least that to move, which is why Tottenham haven’t been able to offload him up to this point. The player at the top of Amiens’ wage bill makes around €1m/year.

So while it would be nice for Big Vic to settle out to pasture in the tranquil hayfields of northern France, unless we pull an Adebayor-style deal where we subsidize the majority of his wages for a year this isn’t happening. He’s got miles left on the tires, but he may have to compromise on those wages if he wants to leave Spurs this January.