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Tottenham-linked midfielder Sander Berge available for just £18m


KRC Genk vs Liverpool FC - UEFA Champions League Photo by Peter De Voecht / Photonews via Getty Images

Remember Sander Berge? First linked to Tottenham Hotspur back in 2018 during the Summer that Wasn’t™, the Norwegian international and Genk defensive midfielder has never quite faded from the consciousness of Spurs fans who like intriguing radar blobs. Despite some pretty cromulent numbers, he has yet to leave Belgium for something a little bigger and more prominent.

But that hasn’t stopped Premier League clubs from being interested in him. While there haven’t been any outright links to Tottenham Hotspur in a while, this January he’s been linked with Liverpool, and according to Belgian journalist Kristoff Terreur he’s also the subject of intense appreciation from West Ham under David Moyes.

According to HLN, Berge turned down a bid last summer from Sheffield United (which, uh, may have been a bad decision), and could be had for between £18-20m.

Is he any good? Boy, I don’t really know. Stats people have noted that his Europa and Champions League metrics the past couple of seasons have looked good — which is probably a better metric than his numbers in the Belgian Jupiler League — but it’s not clear how that would translate to a bigger league like the Premier League.

Source: @mixedknuts

However, he’s also 6’5” and is an absolute unit with pretty good tackle and passing ability. If you’re looking for a midfield destroyer-like substance that might pique Jose Mourinho’s interest and won’t cost £60m, Sander Berge should be on your list.

Assuming that price is correct, £18m isn’t a lot of cash for what is probably a decent big man defensive midfielder, and possibly a very good one. Plus, he’s only 21 so his ceiling is still pretty high. He’s at least worth a flyer. In fact, I’m not sure you can find another player with a similar profile for that cheap right now. It makes him a prime target for GAZUMPING, and yes, I’m trying to say that Spurs should think about doing that.

The HLN article only talks about West Ham and there aren’t any solid links between Berge and Tottenham, nor am I convinced that Spurs are going to make any kind of a move for an incoming player of his ilk in January. But Berge would make a decent budget option this summer. I continue to be all in on El deBerge.