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Athletic: Antonio Rudiger staying at Chelsea

It’s looking like Spurs aren’t bringing in a CB today.

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Chelsea FC v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

After the collapse of the Milan Skriniar earlier today, it looked like if Tottenham Hotspur were going to bring in an experienced central defender it was most likely going to be Antonio Rudiger from Chelsea.

Scratch that one off the list too! The Athletic is now reporting via their transfer tracker that Rudiger is planning to stay at Stamford Bridge, at least until January, but that there were positive talks with Spurs and that Chelsea were “in principle” okay with him heading to Tottenham on loan.

Here’s the bit that I love from that report:

While initially open to the move, it is understood that Rudiger felt wary of the potential fall out from supporters for playing for one of Chelsea’s biggest rivals. The 27-year-old decided that he would be better served attempting to fight his way back into the Chelsea starting XI via a twelve-month stint abroad instead.


At this point it doesn’t look like Spurs are going to make any additional incoming signings today. The window closes in just over an hour, and while there’s still negotiations over Swansea’s Joe Rodan, that’s one that might wait until the close of the EFL window, which shuts on October 16.