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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Wednesday, November 18

Don’t debate others’ right to exist

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Hey, everyone!

It turns out you can now listen to articles on this website, but be warned that I sound absolutely nothing like the voice you’ll hear if you press play.

Ramble of the Day

While I was reading Susan Miller’s recent piece for USA Today about elements of transgender history and the positivity young transgender people radiate currently, a couple of lines stuck out to me from one of the teens interviewed for the piece, Gia:

Gia said her biggest challenge in 2020 is “fear of the unknown” as she peers around the corner to college. ”Will I be accepted on these campuses? I think it’s such a shame I have to worry about that.”

I don’t want to muddy Gia’s message too much because it stands well on its own, but I think her words are worth remembering. It really should not be up to us to decide on the existence or legitimacy of other people.

I’m reminded of a recent report from the i that revealed the BBC did not want to “be seen to take a side in the debate around transgender rights,” which is absolutely the wrong way to think about this. Fairness and neutrality, from a journalistic standpoint, do not require thinking of human life as a topic of debate. In the end, that false neutrality is inherently taking a side, isn’t it?

It’s a brief point to make, because it is a fairly simple concept (though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the USA Today article I linked to).

Links of the Day

A New England Revolution player tested positive for COVID-19.

FIFA canceled the 2020 editions of the women’s U17 and U20 World Cups because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Houston Dynamo and Dash announced a rebrand, including new crests for the teams.

Retired baseball player Ken Griffey Jr. and his family joined the Seattle Sounders ownership group.

David Squires covers Scotland’s return to major competition after qualifying for the Euros in his latest cartoon.

A longer read: Rory Smith interviews the USWNT’s Tobin Heath, Christen Press, Sam Mewis, and Rose Lavelle on moving to England during a pandemic, allegiances in Manchester, and the difference between laundry machines in the US and England for The New York Times