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The first Tottenham kit leak for next season is here, and it looks good

It’s not quite spurple, but it definitely doesn’t suck!

Tottenham Hotspur’s kits this season are a mixed bag. For me, personally, the home kit still looks weird with how busy it is. The yellow gradient kit looks good and the forest green kit is kind of cool! I know everyone has their opinions, but one thing we’re missing is another great spurple kit.

Enter Footy Headlines, the gold standard for kit leaks on the internet. It might seem a bit early for a leak, but it’s never too early to discuss one:

It’s definitely not spurple, but it’s a nice twist on it. The follow up tweet (and in the article) shows a simple combination of wild berry, black and white. While I don’t think we’re going to get the kit that’s in this tweet, this should give you an idea of the coloring on a kit.

The hope would be a solid color with the black and white trim on the sleeves and color. Keep it simple and not go nuts with the pattern on that kit in the second tweet. If they do that, then this is a pretty easy purchase for me. That being said, we know Nike has their templates so this may be wishful thinking. As for Spurs supporters, time will tell via social media how the collective feels.

Sound off below: Yay or nay?