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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, November 3

Hugo Lloris is in a movie!

Tottenham Hotspur v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League Photo by Charlotte Wilson/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

Hello, all!

I come with a friendly reminder that it’s Election Day, and while you’re allowed to have opinions about it, this isn’t the best venue for those opinions considering our long established rule of avoiding electoral politics in here. I do hope, though, everyone who could either already exercised their right to vote, or has plans to do so today.

Ramble of the Day

This was something I had to share, if you hadn’t run into it already: Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris is in a movie. He makes a very small cameo in the French film 30 jours max (30 Days Max), and Lloris’ very brief cameo is a pretty intense one.

In the span of five seconds, we see a half naked Lloris in a bed, watching a woman getting kidnapped, and saying a French equivalent of “What the fuck is this?” I’m slightly alarmed Lloris’ character isn’t more panicked, but I don’t know his life or the context of the situation. I can envision where this leads, based on the IMDb description of the film:

Rayane, a clumsy cop, finds that he only has 30 days left. He uses this time to try to become the hero of his police station.

I have to imagine Rayane will save the day, but between watching this and the trailer for the film, it ... doesn’t look that funny to me. The laughs look cheap and the writing seems very basic, giving the appearance of a film that’s more silly than funny. That doesn’t mean, though, that I won’t think about watching it if I ever run into it. I hope Lloris had fun with it, though.

tl;dr: Hugo Lloris was in a movie!

Stay informed, read this: Rebecca Keegan interviews actors John Boyega and Letitia Wright and director Steve McQueen on telling the underrepresented stories of Black Britain with the Small Axe anthology for The Hollywood Reporter

Links of the Day

Bayern’s Niklas Süle and 11 Ajax players tested positive for COVID-19.

Former Argentina international Diego Maradona is in the hospital for undisclosed health issues.

CONCACAF will finish out the 2020 Champions League with a bubble tournament in December in the US.

Arsenal’s Mesut Özil joined venture capital fund Class 5 Global as a strategic advisor.

A longer read: Donald McRae interviews former Netherlands international Marco van Basten on the heights of his career and the debilitating injury that ended it for The Guardian