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Thank you! Carty Free will be sponsoring Marine FC vs. Tottenham Hotspur

You have blown us all away.

Marine v Havant And Waterlooville - FA Cup Second Round Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Thank you. All of you.

Last week when the article went up regarding our intent to sponsor the third round FA Cup match between Marine FC vs. Tottenham Hotspur, we set our sights modestly in order to get a little cash to the eighth-tier club.

What we didn’t expect was for the community to the goal within an hour and have an explosion of support that expanded to Twitter, Facebook, other SB Nation sites and a radio spot on TalkSPORT in the UK.

As of the current posting, the campaign has raised $11,794 (£8,857) for the sponsorship. Needless to say, we are overwhelmed with what you all have donated.

So! Where are we at?

First, #GiveCartyFreeTheButt is going to happen!

That was the tier that everyone locked onto, and Marine FC agreed to hold onto that for us. The Carty Free logo is going to be on the shorts of the host club.

Second, sadly there won’t be any tickets to draw for.

Marine FC are going to be extremely limited with tickets (Probably like 500 people will be allowed) and those in London are not going to be able to travel to the match. Because of this, we are working out a deal with Marine FC for the 2021-22 season to send members of the community to at least one match. As badly as we want a few of you there next month, it’s just not feasible with the pandemic still going on.

Marine’s charity of choice will honor everyone involved.

The overage amount will be a donation to Marine FC’s Community Charity, which does multiple things in their area. While I don’t have the specific details to share due to planning still going on, what I can tell you is that a commemorative plaque is going to be done in the name of the site and community.

The campaign is still open on Go Fund Me so people can still donate until Marine FC wants to finalize everything. Chances are good it will happen this week since they need time to prep ahead of the match, so feel free to share the page with anyone.

Once again: Thank you to each and every one of you.