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Son Heung-Min’s stunning goal vs. Burnley wins 2020 Puskas Award



It’s always great when bad news is followed by good news and that’s exactly what’s happened today. Sure, Tottenham lost to Liverpool yesterday, but that’s no longer important because SON-HEUNG MIN HAS WON THE FIFA PUSKAS AWARD FOR BEST GOAL OF THE YEAR WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

You remember this goal, right? Sonny gets the assist (lol) from Jan Vertonghen from inside his own box before racing 94 yards past several Burnley defenders to score. It was an incredible, mazy run, the kind of goal that makes you love football even more. I can’t think of a human being who deserves this more. It’s so good.

Yes, we need to watch this again. There’s never a situation that can’t be improved by watching this goal several times in succession.

I’m honestly a bit surprised by this. The Puskas Award is in part a popularity contest with any rando from the internet able to vote. Because of that I was sure that Luis Suarez’s backheel goal was going to win, or maybe one of the thunderbastards that always makes the list of Puskas finalists. So surprised, yes. But genuinely, 100% thrilled for Sonny.

Tottenham posted a video on Twitter of the moment when the award was won, and Sonny’s muted reaction makes me think he already knew. He probably did, but that doesn’t matter. His joy is infectious, and his football is phenomenal. Sonny’s in the best form of his life and now he has an award that reflects his amazing contributions to Tottenham Hotspur.

Go on, my large adult Son!