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Tottenham apparently have a FOURTH kit in 2020-21, and it has been leaked

It’s a weird one!

We know everyone’s still freaking out about Son Heung-Min. I get it, I am too. But let’s try and distract ourselves for a second by looking ahead to the future. Yesterday, details about Tottenham Hotspur’s home kit for the 2020-21 Premier League season leaked online, and as expected it divided opinion.

Now, a day later, we have a NEW design that’s out there, from the same source, Footy Headlines. Strangely enough, it’s not Spurs’ away kit, or even its third — it’s for a new, fourth kit design that we had no inkling of up until now.

And yeah, you guessed it — it’s going to divide opinion.

Gotta be honest, my first reaction to this kit was... visceral. I’ve seen comments online that say it reminds them of the screen brightness indicators you see when you first start a new video game, and yeah, I get it.

But upon reflection, I’m starting to warm to this design. The centralized logo is certainly an interesting touch, and the highlighter yellow accents and sponsor logo works well on the grayscale design. The collar is simple and effective, too. I’m not wild about the gradient going all the way to black — ironically a more subtle gradient might have really made this shirt pop, but it’s growing on me. Pair it with black shorts and it could be really sharp on the pitch.

This is the first time I can ever remember Spurs getting a fourth shirt design, and so I have no idea how many times we’re going to wear it next season. There’s a primarily green away kit coming, and a third change kit that’s supposedly predominantly yellow. That would seem to cover most kit color clashes that might come up, but hey, what do I know?

Footy Headlines says that this shirt will be released “about halfway through the 2020-21 season” so who knows — that implies to me that it’ll be used for a specific purpose, possibly Champions League Europa League some special occasion or another.

What do you think?