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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Tuesday, March 10

Not so guilty


Hi, all!

It turns out that I have to sort of zip through the Hoddle again (or at least the ramble) so I can watch Spy Games with my sisters.

Ramble of the Day

A question: What tv show or movie might you consider a guilty pleasure?

Despite the name drop, Spy Games isn’t mine since I clearly don’t mind mentioning it. Vanderpump Rules might be considered a traditional guilty pleasure, but I feel even less guilt about that one — and I don’t feel guilty about watching Spy Games.

Truth is, I’ve been sitting on this question for a very long time, hoping the answer would come to me. I thought about the types of shows I watch by myself — right now, it’s Terrace House: Opening New Doors, and I’ll probably watch season three of The Crown next. I don’t feel guilty about enjoying any of it, and I think the truth is that I don’t feel particularly guilty enjoying whatever I watch.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t come up with the answer later, or that you don’t have any of your own.

tl;dr: Do you have a tv show or movie that’s a guilty pleasure? I don’t.

Links of the Day

Coronavirus: all Serie A matches have been halted until April 3; Paris Saint-Germain’s Champions League tie against Dortmund will be played behind closed doors, and Ligue 1 will limit match attendance at 1,000 until April 15; AFC will postpone men’s Olympic qualifiers; MLS is indefinitely ending locker room access for media

Today’s longer read: Jonathan Wilson on the Europeans that shaped English football for The Guardian