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State of the Blog amidst COVID-19

This is uncharted territory for all of us, so let’s chat.

Hands on keyboard Photo by Felix Zahn/Photothek via Getty Images

With the news coming down that all football matches have been suspended (and all sports for that matter) for the next several weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you’re probably asking yourselves the same question we’ve been discussing for the last few days:

What now?

That’s the $64,000 question, so to speak. For all of us on staff, we’ve had a wild week in our daily lives. Most of us are prepping to begin remote work at our day jobs. Alex was actually in Europe and had to cut his trip short due to everything. I’m happy to report he did make it home to the northeast safely so all staff members are accounted for and home.

Our goal with this site is to bring you content that is almost exclusively for Tottenham Hotspur news. Sure, we do some parody pieces or things to help pass time during international breaks such as our Recurrently Generated Football League series, but those are just for fun and to give us something to enjoy.

We’re still going to bring you anything that comes our way regarding Spurs, EPL, UEFA, etc. The problem is that there won’t be much news regarding all of those subjects with operations suspended. We also have no intention of turning this into a standard news site in the mean time. That doesn’t mean we are going dark if there’s no news, of course.

So what can you expect?

There will still be a Hoddle every day for you to chat in, that we can promise you. It would be really weird if that went away so even if there’s nothing to report, you’ll have that. As previously mentioned, any actual news regarding football will still be reported.

After that, it gets murky.

We have a couple of pieces planned that we’ve been working on that were being saved for international breaks that we think you’ll enjoy. We’re also brainstorming other ideas for interesting and engaging content. We do not plan to go dark, but the focus of the blog may shift from constant Tottenham news to more community engagement pieces.

At this point, however, we want to turn to you to see what you want from us. We have tossed around ideas such as doing some Football Manager simulations. Sean’s thought about hopping on Mixer and doing some streaming for you guys, whether it’s in FIFA, Rocket League, or anything you guys want to see. Have some other ideas? Post them in the comments. We’ll read them. We might even do some of them! Let’s get weird!

But most importantly, we want to implore every one of you who is reading right now to please be safe. Take precautions. Listen to health experts during this crisis and follow their instructions. Wash your hands, and practice social distancing until your location has a better handle on what’s going on.

We’re proud of this community of fans that we’ve fostered, and want to make this a space where you can come and interact with each other about anything (so long as it’s not electoral politics or religion). We’ll get through this.

Thanks for reading our sucky blogs.