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BREAKING: European Championships postponed to 2021 due to virus

This opens up a whole new can of worms, but is clearly the right decision.

UEFA Euro 2020 Final Draw Ceremony Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Breaking news in world football this morning as UEFA has officially postponed this summer’s European Championships. The Euro 2020 tournament, scheduled to be held in various locations across Europe starting in June, will instead be pushed back to the summer of 2021. The news was apparently broken by the Norwegian football association, according to the BBC.

It’s the easiest decision in the world to make considering the global coronavirus pandemic that’s still sweeping the globe, but UEFA seemed reluctant to make the decision about whether to hold a summer tournament for a pandemic that’s emerging in early spring. UEFA will sign off on the agreement to delay the tournament to June-July, 2011 later today.

This would seemingly clear the way for the Premier League and other leagues to potentially finish their season in the summer months, should football resume during that time, but that’s not a given either. The Premier League as set to meet with representatives from all 20 clubs on Thursday for another emergency meeting to clarify and make decisions on the future of the season.

Selfishly, and because this is a Tottenham Hotspur blog, the delay also means that Harry Kane no longer needs to push himself quite so hard to recover from his hamstring injury to get fit enough to play for England this summer.

It’s a bummer that we won’t get a major international football tournament this summer, since those are usually a lot of fun, but it’s clearly the right thing to do. Now, back to your puzzles and Netflix binging, self-isolated readers.