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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Friday, March 20

Pick a Spurs player! Any Spurs player!

Soccer - English Soccer Photo by Paul Marriott/EMPICS via Getty Images

Hey, everyone!

Above we have former Tottenham winger Andy Turner in a fabulous kit.

Ramble of the Day

Let’s cap off the weekend with a timely question, or a pair of them: Which Tottenham player would you most like to observe social distancing with, and which would you least like to observe social distancing with? I’ll try not to be particularly harsh about the second, and I’ll encourage you all to be the same way.

The first presented a bit of a dilemma because I had to figure out not just which players I liked as people — footballing ability is really unimportant in this instance. I needed to really decide which one I’d have the easiest time chatting casually with, watching television with, and killing time with. I was stuck between Jan Vertonghen and Eric Dier, but in the end, I went with Dier.

Both enjoy board games, and I think they both share the same taste in pop culture — I’m trying to load up on movies and television while I spend a ton of time inside, and I need people to join me in that. What gives Dier an edge over Vertonghen for me is that I think he possess a better ability to trash talk on a fairly inoffensive level, like if we’re poking fun at a tv show, and perhaps most importantly — he’s got dogs that would keep me entertained.

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But does your dog take selfies?

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As for the person I’d least like to practice social distancing with, it’s basically just me figuring out which player I have the least in common with. There are a number of them I’d probably find boring — Harry Kane would likely fit in this category. If I’m just talking the facts of similar interests, I think Lucas Moura and I share the fewest.

tl;dr: Pick the Spurs players you’d most like to practice social distancing with (if bringing a stranger into your home or going into a stranger’s home wasn’t an issue)!

Links of the Day


Former Cardiff midfielder Peter Whittingham died aged 35 from head injuries sustained in a fall.

Today’s longer read: Dave Hynter interviews John Obi Mikel on his confrontation on the Trabzonspor president about coronavirus and his eventual decision to leave the club for The Guardian