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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Wednesday, March 25

A random watch

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Soccer - AXA FA Cup - Fourth Round - Tottenham Hotspur v Bolton Wanderers Photo by Mike Egerton/EMPICS via Getty Images

Hello, all!

I hope you’re all hanging in there as best as you can. I’ll continue my dedication to keeping the Hoddle as a space for distraction if you need it, but as always, feel free to relieve some of your feelings in the comments if you need to.

By the way, that’s former Spurs striker Steffen Iversen at the top today. He’s still out there, playing at the age of 43 for Trygg/Lade in the Norwegian fourth flight.

Ramble of the Day

Friends of the Hoddle, it’s time for me to ask a question since most all of you have spent a lot of time at home lately: What’s the most random thing that’s been on your television while you practice social distancing?

Maybe it’s something you just left on the television while you were working, or maybe you got so bored that something that you would normally ignore and forget piqued your interest just enough.

For me, it’s partly the second. My younger sister was scrolling through the guide during our lunch break, and stumbled upon a Food Network show called Supermarket Stakeout. How anyone could pair a supermarket and a stakeout was beyond me, and it didn’t matter that the episode was halfway through; I became curious enough that I decided I’d guess how the show worked as I watched it.

We tuned in to find contestants cooking in a supermarket parking lot, which was intriguing enough. We spent many minutes wondering out loud why they were cooking there — I wasn’t even thinking about the show’s name anymore. Then, it was time for the final challenge and host Alex Guarnaschelli said the contestants could get their ingredients by ... buying groceries from innocent customers exiting the supermarket.

The show then cuts to the contestants surprising these shoppers with a weird request: “Can I look through your bags and buy some groceries off you?” Some were weirded out, and who could blame them? Others were more willing, and they reaped the benefits — a shopper got $50 for bagels.

The show wasn’t more interesting once the shock wore off from that revelation, but it’s such a shocking concept to a competition show that it makes me wonder if dart boards and wheels were involved in coming up with the concept.

tl;dr: I randomly watched this show called Supermarket Stakeout and it involves people going up to supermarket shoppers and buying groceries they just bought off of them.

Links of the Day


David Squires wonders what Premier League managers might be up to as the U.K. is under lockdown in his latest cartoon.

Today’s longer read: Molly McElwee on Manchester United goalkeeper and new mother Siobhan Chamberlain and the lack of protections for mothers playing football in England for The Telegraph