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Harry Kane says his Tottenham future depends on whether Spurs are “progressing as a team”

Harry drops a little bit of a warning shot about his time at Spurs.

Tottenham Hotspur v RB Leipzig - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: First Leg Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Harry Kane has spoken a few times about his desire to stay at Tottenham Hotspur for the long term, but he doesn’t sound as sure now.

As the Premier League is still suspended due to the global coronavirus outbreak, Kane took part in an interview on Instagram with Sky Sports analyst Jamie Redknapp. A wide range of topics were covered in said interview, but none as interesting as Kane’s thoughts on what his future at Tottenham depends on.

According to Kane, whether he stays at the club for the rest of his career will depend on how Spurs are “progressing as a team.”

The full quote is as follows.

“Obviously I get asked this question a lot,” said Kane. “It’s one of those things, I couldn’t say yes and I couldn’t say no. I love Spurs, I’ll always love Spurs but I’ve always said if I don’t feel we’re progressing as a team or going in the right direction, I’m not someone to stay there for the sake of it. I’m an ambitious player, I want to improve, get better and become one of the top, top players. It all depends on what happens as a team and how we progress as a team. So it’s not a definite I’m going to stay there forever but it’s not a no either.”

In 2017, just about three years ago, Kane told the media that his “goal” was to spend his entire career with Spurs. He pointed to the stadium and the training center as reasons to stay, but he also mentioned the “fantastic team” and the “great coach” that the club boasted.

Today, that team isn’t as fantastic, and that coach is unemployed. Mauricio Pochettino was fired in November after a dreadful period of form, but Jose Mourinho’s tenure hasn’t been to impressive either. Spurs currently sit in eighth place in the Premier League. If this season gets back underway you wouldn’t favor them to find a way up into the Champions League spots.

Kane has had his injury issues of late, but he still sees himself as the type of player who should be taking part in the Champions League every year. If Spurs want to keep this homegrown star for the long term, they’ll have to ensure that they can find their way back to the premier competition in Europe before too long.