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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Monday, March 30

Not helping!

Oyvind Leonhardsen

Hi, everyone!

Today we have former Tottenham midfielder Øyvind Leonhardsen at the top, and feel free to put in any more requests for lead images (because I’m going to run out this week).

Ramble of the Day

As we all deal with a pandemic, who could blame anyone for an attempt to comfort as many people as possible? At least I think that’s what Pitbull was trying with a video he posted Saturday on Twitter.

Just know that I mean to do you no harm.

I watched this after my sisters told me I needed to watch this very important video, and while Pitbull was building up to a 20 second jingle to use when washing hands. It appears, though, that I had too much faith in Pitbull. He starts by weirdly beating around the bush — the world coming “together to fight for one cause” is not exactly wrong, but a pretty strange way to talk about a pandemic.

On top of that, he felt the need to bring back the I Believe That We Will Win chant. It has been dead and not missed for a number of years, but even more so than saying any attempt to practice public safety during a pandemic is the world uniting behind a’s weird to put this in the terminology of winning and losing, I find.

Pitbull, this is not what we needed. That said, I find we’re well on our way to creating a bracket full of cringeworthy content created by the famous in an attempt to comfort us during a pandemic! Should serve us well in a few weeks if we’re looking for a distraction.

tl;dr: Pitbull enters the ring for our latest edition of Cringeworthy Attempts to Comfort the Masses During a Pandemic.

Links of the Day


Former Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri has awakened from a coma after more than two years, and is out of the hospital.

Pedro will leave Chelsea when his contract expires in June.

West Midlands police is investigating a car crash that Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish was pictured at.

Today’s longer read: Nick Dorrington and Álex Delmás break down one of Lionel Messi’s epic matches in the start of a series recapping his top moments for StatsBomb