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Sky: Harry Kane not a transfer target for Manchester United

If there was any club that could be tempted into a big offer for Kane, it’s United.

Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur seen in action during the... Photo by Richard Calver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Good news, everybody! There’s one less potential suitor for Harry Kane if and when the transfer window opens again this summer. There are three things that if you’re a Tottenham fan are inevitable: death, taxes, and Harry Kane being linked away from north London. Usually those rumors involve one or more of a handful of clubs, including Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus.

Of those, United has always been the one that was most likely, because they’re an English club with more money than God. But according to Sky Sports, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer isn’t interested in Harry at all, preferring to look at other targets.

Here’s the whole of Sky journalist James Cooper’s writeup of United’s interest in Harry:

It won’t happen even if Daniel Levy were to suggest to Ed Woodward he might be prepared to do a deal for Kane.

Furthermore, I’m under the impression that although there has been interest previously, Kane’s name isn’t on United’s recruitment list.

Considering Daniel Levy has slapped a £200m price on Kane’s head (£200m? In this economy?) it’s becoming harder and harder to foresee a situation where Kane is playing in anything other than a Tottenham shirt whenever the new season starts. Now, there’s a not-crazy argument that Spurs might be better off selling Kane for as much as they can get for him and reinvesting that money into new players in this weird post-COVID financial market, but nobody has any idea of what that will look like. And say what you will about Daniel Levy, but he’s not going to get rolled over Harry Kane.

Transfer rumors are always going to be squishy, especially right now in this time of uncertainty, but if United’s truly out of the running I find it hard to believe that there’s another club that will pay what Levy’s asking for. Based on what we know now, that means Harry’s staying.