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Eric Dier charged by the FA for confronting a fan in FA Cup loss

Remember this?

UEFA Champions League”Red Bull Leipzig v Tottenham Hotspur FC”

Before the pandemic brought football to a halt, Tottenham Hotspur capped off elimination from the FA Cup by Norwich City on a penalty shootout with Eric Dier climbing up Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s stands to confront a fan. Though the event feels like it was a very, very long time ago, it was only last month and the FA finally caught up and charged Dier.

The FA said that Dier’s actions were “improper and/or threatening,” breaking a rule in the process. He has until May 8 to respond to the charge.

After the match against Norwich, manager José Mourinho said Dier was motivated to confront the fan because he insulted the player and his family. The Metropolitan Police opened up an investigation shortly after the March 4 match, though Dier avoided punishment from there and has so far managed the same from the club.

A further punishment will likely come after that May 8 date