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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Friday, April 24

Comparing languages


Hey, everyone!

We’ve got former Tottenham forward Ronny Rosenthal at the top today.

Ramble of the Day

A couple of hours before writing this, I was close enough to hear my younger sister watching a Korean drama. I asked her, though, if the characters were speaking French — she doesn’t speak it but I do, so there’s a chance she may not have noticed the difference (how big of a chance that was is debatable). She told me they weren’t; I got closer to confirm, and they really weren’t, but I couldn’t shake the thought that it rhythmically sounded like French.

I don’t usually feel that way when listening to Korean — I don’t usually find it to rhythmically match any of the languages I know. It reminds me about my experiences with Dutch, a language I don’t know but always accidentally think I do. If I’m either listening or reading Dutch, I always think it’s English for about four words before realizing I don’t know the language. That’s similar to my experience with Portuguese, which I occasionally mistake for Spanish but only when written and not when spoken.

I don’t find this instance as strange, but I think it’s because I know more about similarities between Spanish and Portuguese, two Romance languages, than I do about the link between English and Dutch. (It probably helps that I can occasionally squint my way through a sentence or two in Portuguese.) All this has led to me turning to Google, and quickly discovering that English and Dutch are stress-timed languages, and that may be where the similarities lie (if not genuinely between the two languages, at least in my brain).

Coupling this with discussing accent work hours earlier has clearly provided some food for thought, and maybe some topics for further research. In the meantime, it provided a ramble with a clear start and middle but a not so clear conclusion.

tl;dr: Do you confuse languages sometimes? I do.

Programming Alert

NBC Sports Network is showing Premier League on Saturday and Sunday starting at 6a ET, including Spurs matches against Manchester United and Arsenal.

Links of the Day

UEFA officially moved the women’s European Championship from 2021 to 2022.

The Bundesliga says it is prepared for a May 9 return, should the government give them permission, and La Liga established a four phase plan to restart its season.

Today’s longer read: Sid Lowe interviewed Barakaldo’s Diego Cervero on the football stoppage and looking to help during the pandemic as someone with a medical degree for The Guardian