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Premier League to consult players over wage cuts, offer money to EFL, National League, and NHS

The league also admitted it will not return in May

Premier League Football and Coronavirus Protective Mask Photo by Visionhaus

The Premier League updated its stance on resuming the 2019-20 season, and will take a number of actions to help clubs and others struggling as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

In a Friday statement, the league admitted it will not resume play in May after announcing the season was suspended until April 30. The Premier League will also not set a new limit on the suspension, saying “the 2019/20 season will only return when it is safe and appropriate to do so.”

The Premier League also recognized that many clubs are struggling financially, and as the group of the most wealthy clubs in the country have offered resources to help. The Premier League is offering £125 million as a bailout to clubs in the English Football League and the National League. Additionally, the Premier League will donate £20 million to the National Health Service, communities, and other vulnerable groups. Part of the donation will go directly to the NHS, while the other part serves as a fund clubs can use for outreach in their local communities.

Premier League clubs will also “consult their players regarding a combination of conditional reductions and deferrals amounting to 30 per cent of total annual remuneration.” The Premier League has a meeting Saturday with the Professional Footballers’ Association about the much-discussed issue of players’ wages after a number of clubs had to furlough their non-playing staff.