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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Wednesday, April 8

Let’s mix food and geography again!

Portsmouth v Tottenham Hotspur Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images

Hello, all!

At the top today is former Tottenham midfielder Pedro Mendes.

Ramble of the Day

I’ve noticed that we love a food-themed ramble around these parts, so I am thrilled to share that I have one for you. Uber Eats came out with its most frequently ordered items in 35 American states, and it’s a pretty fun list.

Ten of those states have some variation of french fries as their top choice, which you would imagine I have a lot of respect for (even if Ohio’s notso fries aren’t for me). I also respect Minnesota’s choice of garlic naan, because a good garlic naan is a lovely thing and it reminds me that I haven’t had some in a while. I am pleasantly surprised by pad thai’s popularity in the southern states (plus Michigan), but it piques my interest about popular cuisines in different parts of the United States (and elsewhere, naturally). New York’s jerk chicken, Oregon’s fried chicken, and California’s chicken tikka masala are also good shouts.

You can tell some states’ top orders are very practical foods, ordered either in the middle of a slammed work day or a late nighter. Connecticut’s burrito bowl, Maryland’s egg, bacon, and cheese, Massachusetts’s burrito, Nevada’s chicken teriyaki bowl, New Jersey’s chicken sandwich, and Rhode Island’s hot dog all have the feeling of quick staples, and that’s fine. I will judge Rhode Island’s choice — I’m not a fan of hot dogs, and after having some (probably) terrible ones as a child, I’m afraid that won’t change.

The pad thai enthusiasts, as well as Hawaii’s barbecue mixed plate, Iowa’s large poke bowl, Montana’s enchiladas, Oklahoma’s spicy tuna roll, and Pennsylvania’s cheesesteak could also fall in the above category. I also feel there’s an argument to be made that all of these orders feel slightly more extravagant.

Finally, we have the side dishes. Crab rangoon is popular in the midwest, Louisiana eaters likes chips with queso and I wonder how good the queso is. Cheese pazzo bread is popular in Maine, and I bet it’s one of those things, and North Carolina’s preference for nachos reminds me that I should make nachos one of these days.

In a rare list, nothing on the list is particularly cringeworthy so to the states surveyed, I say job well done.

tl;dr: Uber Eats shared its most popular foods in 35 American states, and it’s a fascinating (and not cringeworthy!) list.

Links of the Day


Former Tottenham forward Jimmy Greaves is receiving treatment in a hospital.

Ronaldinho has been granted house arrest after spending a month in a Paraguayan jail, and will complete his sentence in an Asunción hotel.

Today’s longer read: Paul Doyle interviews Wolves’ Diogo Jota on his life while the U.K. is under lockdown for The Guardian